Friday, November 4, 2016

URSP Student Taylor Henry Researches the Influence Healthcare Provider Observations and Perception has on the Utilization of the Shared Decision Making Healthcare Models and the Disparity in Dialysis Treatment among Minorities

This semester I am doing my research project on the influence healthcare provider observation and perception has on their utilization of the shared decision making healthcare model and how this contributes to the disparity in dialysis treatment among African American and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. I became involved with this project through my volunteer work with SWIRL. SWIRL stands for the social work integrative research lab, and it is an organization offering BSW students to gain research experience. I am interested in this project because I believe that adequate healthcare is a right that should be granted to everyone regardless of race and socioeconomic status and my passion for social justice is what has drawn me to this project. It is my professional goal to continuously advocate for disadvantaged populations and the purpose of this project is to give insight on what is causing my populations of interest to receive a seemingly unfavorable treatment option. With the results collected from my data, I hope to advocate for better rapport among healthcare providers and their patients/clients. This semester I have weekly meetings with my mentor Dr. Emily Ihara where we go over my progress. During this time, I also get advice from her on how to fulfill the various tasks I may be struggling with. I also do weekly office work with SWIRL, transcribing, coding, as well as literature reviews. One thing I’ve learned this term is time management. I definitely underestimated the amount of time and effort that conducting a research study required. Throughout this semester I’ve began planning better and thinking ahead which has greatly benefitted me.