Thursday, February 25, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Delaney Arthur

My name is Delaney Arthur and I am currently working as a Research Assistant for Jesse Guessford. He is the administer for George Mason University’s record label called “Mason Noise”. The project that Mr. Guessford hired me to do, is to look up different schools, in the U.S., that have their own Record Label and find similarities/differences between the other schools and us, as well as various other things.

My job varies and pretty much changes each week depending on what I have found the previous week. Although the basis of my work is to find answers to some questions about the other schools record label, like “Is the school’s record label a Student-led Organization or Curriculum Based”, “How long they have been established”, “How many projects have been completed and how many do the produce in a year/release times”, “What is their main focus as a record label or main focus genre wise”, and “Do they sell their material or not”. Since each week varied, I broke up my weeks and focused them into 3 “sub-projects” to better organize. My first step, was to look up all the schools, that I could find, that had a record label. Then Mr. Guessford and I had to go through that list and mark ones that we should focus on. Step 2, was to look at that list deeper and find answers to the questions above, as well as other questions, to better compare and contrast the schools with ours. My last step I had to do was go back through and compare the 5 schools that we mainly focused on with our school and to find common trends.

I am currently on the last step and I have discovered that Appalachian State University gets funded by sponsorships and had a sponsorship from Chick-Fil-A, which is leading me to think that is the reason they are allowed to sell CD’s and the projects they make because the other schools are mostly funded by the school and they don’t sell their projects for a profit.

The job and project defiantly relates to my long-term goals because I want to work for a record label and be able to work as an executive and look at trends.