Monday, December 14, 2015

URSP Student Meredith Hermann Conducts A Choreographic Study of the Modern Female

I have been dancing since I was three years old, but I fell in love with choreography when I came to college.  Being a choreographer I have the freedom to comment on the world around me.  In the studio I am able to create my own distinct world, where I can explore and decide what happens. My piece deals with female attractiveness. I noticed many of my friends when going out on a Friday night would attract more attention than they had anticipated.  Females feel pressure to always look good and we are bombarded with beauty standards.  I wanted to explore this idea of female attractiveness and this state of vulnerability in the studio.  Here, I could decide how a night might go instead of society.  With my dancers I was able to create a whole piece dedicated to women.
Choreographing will remain an important part of my life even after I graduate.  I plan to move to bigger cities and start auditioning and continue my love of dance.  My ultimate goal is to dance professionally with a contemporary dance company.
On a weekly basis, I live and breath dance.  I prep before each rehearsal.  I keep a journal close at hand in case any creative thoughts cross my mind.  My journal contains anything and everything that relates to the piece. I map my music which means I code it in a way that I can count and distinctly identify what I want to accent with physical movement.  This planning helps me accomplish a lot in rehearsals.  I rehearse with my dancers twice a week.  As much as I want to play I have a time limit and tech week approaches.  This week we are in the theater setting lights and performing in costumes. Sometimes I forget why we dance, but the stage reminds me.  The lights, costumes and theatre help me fully tell my story.  Dancers are really storytellers. And I feel honored to be able to tell a story about female attractiveness through dance.