Monday, November 24, 2014

URSP Student Jared Keller Researches Drones as an Alternative Bridge Inspection Method

As a freshman at Mason I took University 100 as a requirement for being in a Living Learning Community.  The class was designed to provide freshman with information regarding resources and programs that George Mason has to offer.  One of the classes was dedicated to a presentation about OSCAR and Undergraduate Research.  After meeting with my academic advisor, Dr. Durant, she introduced me to Dr. Lattanzi and he offered me the opportunity to work with him on a drone research project.  I accepted and in the Fall of 2014, research on “Drones: An Alternative Bridge Inspection Method” began.

As a Civil Engineering major, it is very exciting to have the opportunity to research and develop this state of the art technology.  With the guidance of such a distinguished and qualified faculty member like Dr. Lattanzi, I am confident that this research will enhance and enrich my education as well as be a valuable learning experience for my future engineering career.  This experience has and continues to fuel my passion for research and development and invention.  Although I am still uncertain as to what my future career holds, I am certain that this opportunity will provide me with the groundwork to achieve a lifetime goal of becoming a Professional Engineer and utilizing my skills to advance the positive impact the engineering profession has on society.   

Each week I continue to improve upon my drone flying skills and work to recreate 3D models of a pedestrian footbridge on campus by means of MeshLab, 123D Catch, etc.  Along with 3D modeling I continue to read journal articles and meet with Dr. Lattanzi weekly to gain feedback and add to my knowledge of this field of study.